Components of a Septic System

Components of a Residential Septic System

Below you'll learn about the components of a residential septic system, as well as alternatives. If you have any questions regarding your septic system or would like to speak with Wade about the installation of a new system or a replacement, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Call (715) 349-7286 today.

Septic tank 

The septic tank is a separating tank with two functions. The first is to separate solids from liquids. Septic tanks digest and break down solid waste with 40% being reduced by anaerobic bacteria. 

The second function is having liquids get to the cell (drainfield) where they are purified. First, liquids from the house go into the septic tank, then to the distribution box, finally reaching the cell (drainfield) to be purified.

A soil absorption system/cells (drainfield)

After being separated from the solids, the liquids which come from the septic tank (effluents) are disposed of in the soil absorption system. The effluent is purified by the soil before reaching ground water. You may need a lift pump station if the effluent cannot flow by gravity to the cell (drainfield).

Alternatives to a typical system

Mound system

A mound or fill system is an alternate design to dispose of septic tank effluent. A mound is used when the soil does not absorb the effluent quickly enough or the soil is not deep enough to purify the effluent. 

A clean sand fill is mounded over the top of the original soil and the seepage bed or trench is in the mound. By building up the soil, the effluent is purified before reaching ground water.
Waste treatment tank / septic tank installation

Holding tanks

A holding tank is NOT a septic system. Holding tanks are usually installed on the property due to shallow bedrock, shallow ground water, etc. 

A holding tank stores all household waste. When the tank is filled, it must be pumped and the waste taken to an approved disposal field.

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