New Septic System Installation and Replacement Systems

For over 30 years, Wade Rufsholm has been offering professional septic system installation and replacement systems to owners in Burnett, Polk, and Washburn Counties. During this time, he's built up a reputation for top-quality installations at very competitive rates. Locals turn to Wade because he's a one-stop shop when it comes to septic. Your septic system will last as the result of his experience and knowledge of soil testing, the design, the layout and the installation. 

Contact Wade in Siren, WI at (715) 349-7286 or (715) 296-9298 to schedule your consultation today.

Septic system design and layout

There is a lot to consider, plan and design when it comes to installing a septic system, whether it is a new home or a replacement system. You will want to ensure the system is installed in the right location on your property. The property elevation and all of the required setbacks are important elements as well as the condition of the soils.

Complete septic system installation

Wade is ready to help you determine what design, layout, and capacity are best for your property and home, in such a way as to ensure the life of your system. To arrange a consultation about a septic system installation or replacement, please call (715) 349-7286.
Waste treatment tank or septic tank install at private house

Septic system replacements

While some septic systems issues can be repaired quite easily, there is usually no repair for a failed drainfield. In this case, you'll need to replace some or all of your septic system. When it comes to the replacement of a system, there are a lot of environmental and health regulations that must be followed. 

Wade Rudsholm knows these inside and out and will explain what needs to be done to ensure the safe and success replacement of your septic system. If you think you need your septic system replaced, get in touch with Wade today.

Call (715) 349-7286 to schedule your appointment!

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